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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In an effort to develop a Privacy Policy that meets the unique needs of Chronicles Community website users we have made a comparison of Privacy Policies among the world’s most respected websites. If you were to do so yourself you would quickly discover these policies are obviously written by attorneys for the consumption of other attorneys.

Like you, we have visited literally thousands of web sites and confess, until we were told we needed one we never read a privacy policy. From what we could see, most of them are quite reasonable (although rather tiring to plod through to the end). The Chronicles Community certainly subscribes to the tenets of the best and most user-friendly aspects of most reviewed thus far.

However, until the legal beagles around us insist we post one of these nearly unintelligible screeds, please, always rest assured your private information will be held in the strictest confidence. Under no circumstances will we sell, give, rent, lease, share or otherwise provide your information to any individual, organization, company, association, corporation, cooperative, or collective whatsoever without prior approval from you.

After all, since we certainly do not want our privacy violated, how could we in good conscience violate your right to privacy? Please be confident; any private information will be treated as just that – private.